Why You Need to Rearrange Your Furniture Now

Most people probably think it’s too much hassle to rearrange their furniture. Why should you even consider it when you probably have a dozen other items on your to-do list? Believe it or not, there are several great benefits for why you need to rearrange your furniture to create a new and healthy space in your home or apartment.

Let’s face it. Most of us have come home from a long day at work wishing we could relax in our home, but when we get there, something is missing. Something feels…lacking…

It took me months to figure out why coming home had become a bit irritating when I knew I wanted to be at home. It was my space filled with my things. Was I missing having a roommate? Heck no. (More power to you extroverted peeps who have roommates!)

Not until I came down with a serious illness and my sister came to visit, did we get to the bottom of why my apartment stopped feeling like home to me. My sister is a master of stirring the pot—energy pot, rocking-the-boat pot—any pot you can think of that needs to get changed up, but I digress.

Back to what she discovered about my home.

Rearrange Your Furniture / Living Room

The Top Reason to Rearrange Your Furniture

Stagnation. Nothing more, nothing less. Stagnation. A lack of movement. A black hole of energy.

Excuse me? I have plants, real plants. I open my windows for fresh air. I do my laundry regularly. How is my place stagnant?

Then it hit me. When I moved in, I had thrown everything into any available space without really planning or organizing it. I had placed my furniture in positions that best suited my TV. And quite simply, I hadn’t done anything to improve my space since I had moved in a couple years ago, but I had worked on changing my career and life path.

I was changing, but my space had stayed the same.

So, my energetic sister got to work.

Two days later (we stopped and talked a lot!), my apartment was transformed with rearranged furniture. New life breathed into each room. I felt a bounce in my step as I walked into the fresh space. We didn’t practice witchcraft or solve rocket science.

We just followed the four tips below and gave my home an easy make-over! No painting and no remodeling necessary!

Create Inviting Space in Your Living Room

Take a look at your furniture positioning with critical eyes. Is there really a good flow to the room? If not, shift your couch, chairs, TV, etc. until the room is more open to the adjoining space. If the space is crammed with furniture, decide which pieces suit you and your space best and donate the rest to charity. You’ll be amazed at how liberating it feels to gain a little space in your home or apartment!

Clutter is the enemy of a peaceful home!

Maybe you have good flow in your living room already. Now take a look and decide if you want your TV to be the focal point or if there’s a way to make the TV secondary to your sitting area. Why? Because people want connection to other people and having a room designed to improve conversations can really boost that.

Shift your furniture into a couple new places and see how it feels. Pull your plant or chair into a corner where it can accent two walls rather than being something you constantly walk around.

A few changes in your living room area will do wonders for shifting the overall feeling of your home when you first walk in the door.

Why you need to rearrange your furniture now

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Organize Your Closet

Yep, I said it. Organize your closet. I speak from personal experience. Take it from someone who had a walk-in closet bursting at the seams with stuff that belonged in my garage, bathroom, and non-bedroom storage.

I get it. If you’re in an apartment, space is a premium and storage a luxury. But gin up some courage and take a look what’s lurking in any of your storage spaces, particularly the walk-in closet.

The key here is to allow a bedroom to be a bedroom. Your bedroom doesn’t need to harbor your climbing ropes, yummy candles, all-natural plant fertilizer, cute pink toolkit (that supports breast cancer research!), etc.

It’s. Your. Bedroom.

Keep it as simple as possible in that closet. Besides, cleaning it out creates a perfect opportunity to donate more usable items to charity and throw away the things you haven’t touched in months! There’s an old rule: if you haven’t touched it in one move or one year, it’s time to let it go.

Make sure you get rid of anything related to a past relationship that needs to move on. Let that bad energy disappear!

When we finished with my closet, I walked into the space and looked around for a moment just breathing it in. “It feels like my closet isn’t attacking me anymore!” I exclaimed with relief.

Move the Position of Your Bed

Same idea here as the living room. You spend hours in this room, so make it a safe haven and rearrange your furniture in your bedroom. You might even surprise yourself by creating more space when you rearrange it!

Keep your door uncrowded and avoid putting any large items near it. Your body wants to feel like it has space when it walks into a room.

As you’re shifting that bed, take a look at items you may have stored under there. Is it a mess of random items? Are they organized into drawers? Some staunch believers of Feng Shui (fang shway) say that a person should never store things under their bed because it restricts energy and air flow. (Some sleep experts say it also makes your bed feel hotter when you sleep.)

But sometimes we desperately need a bit more space for storage in tiny apartments, so what’s the solution? First, keep the space organized rather than thrown in a mess. Then choose to store items under your bed that are not personal items or heirlooms, but rather winter/summer clothing, bedding, super soft sherpa blankets, etc.

You don’t want clutter filled with strange energies lurking under you while you’re trying to relax and get your best sleep ever.

Organize Your Closet / Buy Some Organization Bins

Buy Some Organization Bins

I have a few piles of things in my space. A mail pile. A trinket pile. A junk drawer. Unless you’re OCD clean, almost all of us have piles of something. Seeing the clutter sitting out every day can wear on our subconscious that “we haven’t cleaned something up” in a while.

Easy solution: buy a couple of bins or baskets, plastic, trendy, or farmhouse style (check out that cute chalkboard siding!), and start putting your mail in the bin, or collect all your belts or scarves in one bin. Organize the junk drawer so that pens are all in one bin, and the paper clips and rubber bands are in another.

Even though the bin itself may be a bit of a mess, just having it in a more contained and dedicated space will help make it feel like it’s more organized space.

Buy a House Plant (or Two)

If you don’t already have a plant or two in your house, consider getting one now. Plants have so many great benefits for improving the atmosphere in your home. They improve your air quality, increase the moisture content and oxygen levels, and even provide a mood boost.

Some plants are ranked high on the list for benefiting your home. Check out this list of great house plants – some of them are super tolerant so don’t worry if you wonder how they’ll survive you.

Now that you’re armed with four great tips to change up your space, jump in and start creating your new space. Shift the stagnation energy to a fresh start and reduce your stress!

Though we may convince ourselves we don’t mind some mess and clutter, countless studies have shown that humans thrive on clean and organized spaces. A clean house literally makes people happier. Our subconscious doesn’t get trapped worrying about all the clutter around us. You may even feel healthier after you’ve vacuumed all the trapped dust under that furniture.

Remember how it felt when you first moved in? There’s no reason you can’t recreate that with a little work. It’ll be worth it so take a chance to rearrange your furniture today!

Do you have any other tips for how to update your existing space to feel fresh and new? Share in the comments below!
5 ways to make your home feel new / rearrange your furniture


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