Create Online Dating Success during COVID-19

Think I’m kidding? I’m totally not. If you’re up for it, now is the perfect time to try online dating, especially to find single guys in your area. Online dating success is totally possible while you’re locked down in quarantine! And you’ll start that relationship on a really strong foundation, and I’ll show you why. Sometimes starting slowly creates the best connections.

Starting a new online relationship right now might be just the thing you need if you’re looking for human connection right now. So stop scrolling through your Insta feed and making Tik Tok videos and start your online dating success story now with these easy tips.

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More Time at Home Means More Time to Communicate

Chances are that guy you connect with on your dating app is also in some sort of quarantine right now too. Whether he is working from home or not, without parties and restaurants to go to, he’ll have more time to respond to your messages.

It’s a perfect chance for you to see if you’ve got a communication connection!

Once you’ve messaged for a few days, move on to a phone call or even a video chat. Having this much time to communicate while you know you can’t physically meet, can really build a strong communication foundation for you both to have online dating success.

Share Things You Love

Depending on how fast you typically move in an early relationship, sharing your favorite books, pieces of art, treats, hobbies, etc. might not happen right at first. But right now, all of us are craving connection and sharing something meaningful can be a fantastic way to build your long-distance relationship.

If you’re allowed to go for a walk right now, do a video chat to show him your neighborhood. Maybe there’s a beautiful yard with blooming flowers, or a friendly dog, or your favorite restaurant you want to show him.

Getting to know someone on a deeper level in the beginning stages of a relationship can really set you up for a more solid relationship. Then when you finally get to meet after the stay-at-home rules are lifted, you’ll feel a stronger connection and feel like you truly found online dating success.

Start a Successful Relationship While You’re In Quarantine | Taking It Breezy

Plan an Official Long-Distance Date Night

Even if you matched with a guy who lives in your city, technically all dating is long distance while under quarantine. So how do you make online dating a success when you can’t date in person?

Plan a video chat date night!

I recommend talking on the phone before you try this, but once you’re ready, plan an evening (or morning depending on time zone differences) to get on a video chat together and do the same activity from a distance. You can make dinner together (especially if you both use a meal kit service like Blue Apron), watch the same TV show or movie, or play this crazy card game!

You might be surprised at how fun it is and how much of a connection you can make with him even though you’ve technically never met. It’s totally possible to make this a success story.

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Cut Each Other Some Slack

This counts even for an online relationship considering what’s going on right now. Tension and anxiety can be pretty high while we deal with the ramifications of life under quarantine.

So if your new guy disappears for a day or two, give him some space. Being someone who can understand when to back off and allow him to be on his own with his own thoughts makes you a stronger partner.

When he does come back, it’s ok to ask if everything’s ok and if there’s anything you guys need to talk about. If he gets a bit dodgy, that’s a red flag, of course. But if not, then accept that we’re all working through this tough time in our own way and keep moving forward.

Online dating success comes much like in-person dating success, with a little trust and support.

Decide When and Where to Meet ASAP

As soon as we hear that wonderful news that we can finally start living normal lives outside our homes again, get a plan made for how you and your new boyfriend will meet up.

This is easiest if you’re already living in the same town, but if you’re a longer distance away, it’s still possible to get a plan in motion for meeting in person. And now that you’ve already video chatted, you know exactly who you will be seeing in person!

Even though you’ve got some great foundations laid for this budding new relationship, don’t build an expectation that you have to plan something extravagant for your first get together. No need for a trip to Disneyland. Plan a simple but meaningful date that maybe includes something you’ve already connected over. A specific meal, an activity you both wanted to try, etc.

Start with something easy to keep the pressure low, then play it by ear after that. You’ll know where to go from there!

Armed with these easy ways to find online dating success, you’re ready to jump into the online dating world and find a new connection. Happy hunting!

If you’ve already made a connection while under quarantine, share your story below! Or let me know when you do find your next boyfriend. I love hearing from my readers!


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